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Motion Planet is a Media Company that is concentrated on the following areas in the field of Advertising and Content. Our focus is always on the client and their successful endeavor into the business they are in. If you are having challenges getting your business presence out there and need help with the marketing, talk to us and let us help you. We specialize in video ads, Web page design, Marketing material and branding.

Graphics Design

We design graphics for Businesses that need marketing material, Advertising, Commercials for Print media and videos.

WebSite Design and Development

We design and build creative websites according to your particular business. Our programmers are highly skilled to tackle any kind of development projects including E-Commerce, Web 2.0 and Dynamic buildouts.Some simple web pages to complex eCommerce sites, we can handle almost any projects. Is a very important thing to the have a good-looking website for your business. Your website is the face of your business to other people Good-looking website from a small company we win business over a bad looking website from big ones. Makes a big difference when you have a good looking simple website Where customers can get things done Verses of complex I work tomorrow don't really know where to go and need to to get stuff done


Online Marketing for Businesses

If you need help getting your business online, let us help with the process. We Administer various websites and market them into the high traffic Social Media Channels such as Facebook, Youtube, Google Maps, Yelp, Groupon Etc. Give this service a try and make your business truly profitable. Marketing Online is the best way to get your business rolling. Most of our Commerce is going to be online in very few years. The online shopping portal will be the place where you can buy most of your things. We are moving into a new era where we're no longer going to be shopping in a physical store. Your business will need a steady hand and the expert to get your brand out there. We specialize in the marketing according to your target. We can do search engine optimization, Target marketing for social media and for the on-demand video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, we can also provide ads into the streaming audio sites which are popular for people on the go.



Product and People Photography

Are you an online seller ? The difference between a successful product and a mediocre performing product on an online shopping site is the way a product is displayed. Let us take and edit the Photographs for your products with models and you are going to see a big difference in the sales of the product. You ship us the products that you are trying to sell online and we will take the photographs of it and then ship the original product back to you over tracked ground shipping.



For Details get in touch with us at info@motionplanet.us

Our Team

we are specialized in Film Production

  • Shimul Hawladar


    ( Director, special effect specialist , editor )

  • Rafe Raha


  • Dr. Mizanur Rahman


  • Shojib Khan

    Production Manager

  • Bikash Saha


  • Hena Ħĕńą

    Makeup Artist
  • Saad Rafin

    Assistant Director
  • Shohan Imtiaz

    Assistant Director
  • Salman R Khan

    Assistant Director
  • Pankoj Kumar Das

    Assistant Director
  • Adhara Shiba

    Assistant Director


Work Category

Proffestionl Video Services

Commercial for TV/Youtube

Music video 

Corporate documentary

Drama / Tele-film

Motion Graphics 



Print Media Services

Bill Boarding


Poster/ Flyers 

Logos design

Business Sign 

Business Card


All sort of graphics designs 


Web Developing

Dynamic Web Site developing

E-Commerce Website  

Email Marketing

Social Marketing by google, Facebook and Youtube 



Head shot 

Product Photography 

Business Promotional photography 


E.T: Where ever your business does not matter please send us your product and we will photograph them and ship back to you with all the vivid pictures!



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